Diesel Fuel Delivery

Trust Allied Oil's Diesel Fuel Delivery

to keep Your Business Running


Allied Oil provides diesel fuel delivery for fleets of equipment, trucks and buses, and we keep them all moving without a hitch. Whether you need diesel fuel delivery service for a few weeks, months or ongoing, we've got you covered. Therefore, it makes sense to choose Allied Oil for your reliable diesel delivery.

Unlike many fuel suppliers, diesel fuel delivery is Allied Oil's primary business focus. Setting up advanced delivery schedules with Allied Oil is easy and convenient. We provide hundreds of fleet owners and businesses with dependable fuel delivery every day.  As one of New Jersey's premier suppliers, we help keep your costs low with our highly competitive prices.

As a result, Allied Oil keeps your business running efficiently with our nearly invisible fueling services.   Direct diesel fuel delivery to your trucks’ fuel tanks at your business or at the job-site is what we do best.  Count on Allied Oil and our fleet of 30+ delivery trucks to keep your business or jobsite running.


We Provide Diesel Fuel Delivery to:

  • Tanks
  • Job Sites
  • Equipment
  •  Generators


Allied Oil's Fuel Products Include:

  • Off Road Dyed ULSD
  • On Road USLD
  • Premium ULSD
  • Winterized ULSD


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Allied Oil Provides Generator Diesel Fuel Delivery

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States about 8 p.m. EDT Oct. 29, 2012 striking near Atlantic City, N.J., with winds of 80 mph. A full moon made high tides 20 percent higher than normal and amplified the storm surge. Streets were flooded.  Trees and power lines were knocked down and the city's famed boardwalk was ripped apart.

In addition, Allied Oil also keeps your business running during a prolonged power outage.  Having a backup power system in New Jersey is critical to your business.  Consequently, failure to do so exposes your business to risks such as:

  • Losing money invested in spoiling perishable inventory
  • Lost revenue do to your closure
  • Clients may loose faith in your business as an important provider of services
  • Loss of vital electronic database information
  • Compromised safety

Allied Oil provides reliable fuel delivery for generators to facilities in our area. Contact us for more information on how we can keep your critical systems up and running when Mother Nature is doing her best to shut them down.


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