Onsite Fueling





*Start the day fueled and ready.

*Off hour truck fueling.

*Digital delivery data, by vehicle.

*Winterized fuel in season.

*Simplified billing.

Onsite Fleet Fueling


Over The Road Trucks

More & more fleet operators are recognizing the tremendous value in fleet fueling service that top off their equipment during downtime.

Allied Oil will “bring the station” to your yard while your fleet is idle, fuel up each vehicle, and have them ready to roll in the morning. Stop paying your employees to fuel up, stop losing valuable work time to fueling. Allied Oil can fuel your fleet better and cheaper.


STOP paying 50¢ more per gallon just to have your drivers spend 5% of their workday fueling at the local station.

Fueling your fleet at the station adds a lot more expenses than you may think. Have you ever added up all of the costs you incur just to send the fleet to a station to fuel?  Compare the costs of Allied Oil's professional on-site fueling service, and project the annual savings we can deliver to your organization.



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