New Jersey’s Premier Provider of Commercial Fueling Services

Industry runs on fuel and Allied Oil knows that you need a reliable and cost-effective energy partner to maintain your growth. Based right here in Central New Jersey, Allied Oil provides diesel, gasoline, fleet fueling, heating fuel and trucking services state-wide.


New Jersey’s Premier Provider of Commercial Fuel Delivery Services

Allied Oil knows that you need a reliable and cost-effective fuel delivery partner to maintain your growth. Therefore, you can  count on Allied Oil to deliver diesel fuel, gasoline, fleet fueling and heating fuel to over 250 New Jersey  cities.  Furthermore, we can also provide trucking services state-wide.  Our company provides diesel delivery for fleets of equipment, trucks and buses, and we keep them all moving without a hitch. Whether you need diesel fuel delivery service for a few weeks, months or ongoing, we’ve got you covered.

In addition, our inventory monitoring system can ensure that your tank never runs out of diesel fuel or gasoline. Know what’s in your tank every day and eliminate downtime!  Most of all, our goal is to keep your crew busy and productive with a full tank each morning.  Choose Allied Oil for reliable diesel delivery and fuel monitoring.

Allied Oil markets and distributes a full line of branded & unbranded gasoline products.  No matter the volume of gasoline your station turns over each day, Allied’s large fleet of delivery trucks are ready and able to fill your fueling needs

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Since 1925


Allied Oil has been a major New Jersey fuel supplier of petroleum products including diesel fuel, gasoline and heating oil since 1926. We reliably provide commercial fuel to businesses and industries throughout New Jersey. Our goals are very simple: provide dependable, on-time fuel deliveries at competitive prices. Most of all, it’s our people who make the difference.

Griffith-Allied Trucking/ Allied Oil continues to operate and serve our Customers

We are deemed an essential service and we are here for our customers both municipal and commercial.  As expected, we have and continue to modify & adapt many of the ways we operate to keep both our team and the customers we serve safe. We can be contacted at 908-575-7577 or by clicking the send a message button – Stay safe / Stay healthy/ Stay 6 feet apart!

The state of New Jersey has announced a reduction in NJ PGRT fuel tax rates effective 10/1/2021 – Click for more information –