Allied Oil is New Jersey’s Premier Commercial Fuel Provider.


Throughout New Jersey, companies just like yours rely on Allied Oil’s Commercial Fuel Services to keep their businesses running.  In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to settle when it comes to your business’ performance. Therefore, it makes perfect dollars and sense to partner with Allied Oil for all your commercial fueling needs.

ALLIED OIL DELIVERS for our customers; always have, always will! We recognize how critical fuel delivery is to your business. Our extensive fleet of fuel trucks deliver millions of gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline to our customers each month.  As a result, we keep our customers businesses running with the following services:


Fuel Delivery Services you can rely on! 

We provide pre-scheduled and on-demand Fueling Services to businesses and industries throughout New Jersey. Our goals are very simple: to provide dependable, on time commercial fueling services at competitive prices.  Most importantly, it’s our people who make the difference!  We keep your businesses running.


We build our success by fueling yours. Call Allied Oil today to discuss how our fleet fuel delivery can help your business run smoothly.


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