Fuel Delivery to Your Job Site

Onsite fuel delivery is our number one priority to keep your jobsite moving.


Allied Oil keeps your crews and businesses ready to work with our pre-scheduled daily onsite fuel delivery service.   We service gas stations, contractors, job sites, and numerous other industry sites.  As a result of our onsite fueling service, your crews won’t be waiting in gas stations.  We deliver directly to your business; therefore your business won’t experience any down time waiting for fuel. We offer both on-road and off-road diesel for trucks, equipment and other machinery.


Our Available Onsite Fuel Delivery Includes:

  • Biodiesel
  • Ultra Low Sulfur #2 (on-road diesel)
  • Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur #2 
  • Winterized Diesels, in-season

Call Allied Oil today to learn more about the convenience and cost effectiveness of our onsite fuel delivery services!  Ask us about our automatic delivery, temporary site tanks and prompt payment discounts!


Off-Road Equipment Fueling

Onsite fuel delivery to New Jersey businesses, construction sites and job sites throughout the state.Are you working at job site in the area that requires dependable onsite fuel delivery directly to your off-road equipment?

Allied Oil has your project covered with our  fuel delivery services!
Call us to arrange for our off-road equipment fueling service, pumped into your equipment or into your tank onsite.

Need a fuel storage tank for your project?

Ask us about a temporary jobsite tank.
Allied Oil maintains a supply of 500 & 1,000 gallon double-walled skid fuel tanks with either 110v or 12v pumping systems, for our customers. If you’re working in one of our numerous coverage areas, Allied Oil will make your onsite fuel delivery easy!





fuel-operator-2Ask about our Advanced Remote Inventory Monitoring system.

With our inventory monitoring system, we can ensure that your tank never runs out of diesel fuel or gasoline. Know what’s in your tank every day and eliminate downtime!  Keep your crew busy and productive with a full tank each morning.




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