Gasoline Delivery

Unbranded & Branded Gasoline

Regular Gas – 87 RFG
Mid-Grade Gas – 89 RFG
Premium Gas – 93 RFG


Gasoline Delivery to Your Storage Tanks

Each day Allied Oil’s large fleet of dedicated gasoline delivery trucks is out on the road delivering all 3 grades of gasoline to both businesses and municipalities throughout the state.


Gas Station Services

Unbranded & Branded Fuel Deliveries

Allied Oil operates it’s own fleet of full sized tankers for the delivery of gasoline products.  No matter the volume of gasoline your station turns over each day, Allied is ready and able to keep you fueling. All of our trucks are radio and GPS connected, giving our dispatchers more control in rush order situations. We maintain constant contact with our drivers to keep you abreast of your gasoline delivery status.

Allied Oil maintains supply arrangements, with the largest number of NJ area gasoline terminal suppliers possible, to provide our customers as many unbranded lifting point options as possible.

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